18 days until the start.

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The day with a capital D is closing in and I’m left to do nothing else but a summary of the last half a year of intensive work.

There were a lot of meetings, traveling, dealing with embassies, lots of phone calls, a tide wave of mails, creating the website for this project, recording, taking pictures, and even a death in my own family, / my mother, my secret ally and the only person who knew, since the beginning, that I’m going to make it,/ wife’s father’s serious health problems, moving and a lot more other things and events that the usual life brings you.

I should also summarize all of the preparation for the trip.

What worked, where did I fail in communication, what’s secured for the trip and what else can we do in the last minute for a successful end. To choose your priorities is not as easy as it may seem. From the perspective of the organizator, chaffeur, photographist, artist and a documentarian it cannot be taken lightly from the same angle. The vehicle’s maximum weight is pretty limited, prioritize reserve gas, tires, water, food, spare parts for the vehicle, technical equipment for the cameraman, but even mine, where we’re limited to 240kg of tech, including the weight on the roof which can add another 55kg…

How can we optimize this?

It is my very first project and grounds I have never set a foot upon. Exactly the same as the trip that awaits us. Just like the title of R.R. Tolkien’s book, “There And Back Again”. I know it won’t be an easy trip. It’s really long for one driver to manage. But I’ll try, and if it won’t work, I won’t be forcing it. Safety and being sure to come back is more important than being hazardous with my life. Even so, there are countries that’ll be under the police’s supervision, or even military.

Thousands of kilometers of road await us and I asked myself often if I were scared. A few months ago, I said “NO!” without a doubt. But today, 18 days before the trip, the “no” has changed into respect, and I’m starting to be more careful and mindful. A saying “another country, another morality” is not just a saying by accident. Stop paying attention for a bit on the road, bad behavior, or even just a can of beer in a bag can lead to catastrophic consequences. Did you know that in China it’s not nice to look people in the eyes?

I’m really excited for the trip. I’m looking forward to all the nice people I’ll meet, infinite forests, dusty roads and beautiful scenes. But I’m also looking forward to the day when we’ll be coming back through Hungary.

In the very moment we arrive to Győr bridge, I will know that we have arrived home.

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For just about 10 years I've been working with cameras, and the last two with video production. You can find photos of my work on www.jojosamek.com. Photography is my way of life and it has brought me to this wonderful project.

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