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Vietnam has recently become a travel bomb.

It is an easily accessible country, financially acceptable and rich in experience. Vietnam is gradually opening up to the world, and while Thailand is already crowded with tourists, Vietnam is still waiting for the flood of travelers. Sights, natural scenery, beaches, great food, unforgettable bars – all of this is Vietnam.


Vietnam belongs to safe landscapes. Care should be taken to lesser thefts in crowded streets or in means of transport.

  • Watch out for personal things such as your wallet in a crush.
  • In trains, we recommend that you always carry your documents with you, for example, in the mini-book for documents.
  • Purchase bottled water only.
  • Eat what can be scuffed and what has been cooked before you.
  • In big cities, beware of traffic, especially motorbikes. The whole rule is that if you enter the road, do not stop, but continue on the road.

When to go

As the landscape stretches from north to south, temperatures and weather vary. The best time to visit Vietnam is February to April. Over the past months, storms in some areas or the temperature is too high. If we had to choose another suitable date for visits, then about October to November, but the Nha Trang area may be thicker at that time.


Whether you’re a discerning traveler looking for a top restaurant or just what’s on the streets, you’ll be thrilled. Morning schnitzel soup with bamboo sprouts, lunch with chicken with cashew nuts and curry rice and evenings you enjoy with the locals with draught beer. Forget about Vietnamese restaurants in Slovakia! This is something completely different and much more tasty! Try a pineapple with chili! Those boldest in the snake village of Hanoi can try to eat the living cobra’s beating heart and wash it down with its blood. You will certainly not just eat rice with vegetables, as is often the case in other countries, but you will have very varied dishes on the plate.


You will not have the problem of exchanging money for Vietnamese dong (VND). The US dollar is in principle more accepted than the euro and can be paid on the street as well. Sometimes it’s even a more advantageous exchange rate than in the euro, especially for higher-value banknotes. Vietnam is still in cheaper landscapes. Payment cards can only be used in large cities. You can find the Vietnam Vietnam Dongle here:


Citizens of the Slovak Republic need a visa to visit the Republic of Vietnam. The Embassy is located in Bratislava on Danube 15. The opening hours and the phone number can be found on this website:



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