I’ve always dreamed

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I’ve always dreamed of travelling…

I never had the time…

Hans Christian Andersen, a danish author, author of stories and poems 1805 – 1875 has said “Travelling is life.

In my profession I travel a lot. I travel fast. With planes. I arrive to the spot, perform my work, quickly back to the airport and fly back home. Travelling, that I used to like, and just like how fast I travel, it also became boring.

You sit by a map and you look at the most distant place from your location. That’s where you’ll find the town of Vladivostok. Just about 10 000 km away. With just your car alone you can travel all over Russia, Ural and Sibera.

Just for a moment you dream and imagine the road… In time, it’s not about the most distant city.

Your dream will become the road.

And so begins the story…


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For just about 10 years I've been working with cameras, and the last two with video production. You can find photos of my work on www.jojosamek.com. Photography is my way of life and it has brought me to this wonderful project.

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